sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Advantages of having a computer

Having a computer gives you many advantages.The first advantage is that you can use your computer for your school or job ,making your work in less time and easier; for example I am a student and when I have any homework I always  use my computer in order to search information , download pictures ,write a document or for anything , computers are great for any work you have.Finally, another advantage of having a computer is that also you can use it for entertainment , and there are many ways to do it ; for example you can have fun playing video games , entering to a social network or also listening to music. Moreover, there are  a lot of other things you can do for entertainment because with computers the things that you can do are really wide.In brief, having a computer opens you many gates that you can use for your own necessities or for anything that you want to do,for all that reasons computers gives you many advantages or opportunities in life.

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Two activities I enjoy doing on the weekend

There are two activities that I enjoy doing on the weekend.The first activity that I enjoy,  is going out with my family, however, sometimes I get bored when we go, for example to a ceremony or something that we will be sitting a lot of time; that things gives me always a headache.Moreover we have always a good time in family .The second activity that I enjoy, is playing football with my friends on Saturdays afternoon at my school.In other words always at 4pm we play football at least for 2 or 3 hours, and after this we drink soda or water in a market near the school.For all  this, I return very exhausted to my house that its really good ,because I sleep really good at night.In brief, that's are the two main activities that I enjoy doing on the weekend, and also the ones that I usually do.

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012


My experience of writing a blog , what I thought that will be and what it really was.First of all,I thought that writing a blog was for people who really know about computers or for people who have lots of people following them and that,  is completely wrong writing a blog its a really an  easy thing and for any kind of people who want to express their feelings , everyday things or any kind of things.So.my  experience of writing a blog was honestly a little bit stressful because I don't organize my ideas really well , I think that's the main problem. However, I think I overcame those problems because I think I did a good job of writing this blog.To sum up, writing and creating my blog wasn't what i thought ,it is in general speaking an easy and funny think and I think that everyone have to do it at least one time in their life's.